When it comes to digital marketing, often display advertising is considered a secondary choice to SEO, PPC and other online products and services.

However, recent trends in the united states are showing strong revenue growth on general display advertising, at a faster rate than services such as SEO, highlighting businesses are seeing it's benefits.

It is a very interesting topic as many businesses see the benefits of SEO and PPC.

However, certain display advertising options are proving similar benefits at a lower cost, theses products work better together and as part of a marketing mix rather than being compared against each other.

DMC (Digital Marketing Club) is covering this topic in more detail on Wednesday, October 18 at Chapel 1877 in Cardiff.

Iestyn Page, the head of digital advertising for Newsquest Wales, will be giving a half an hour presentation on reasons why digital display should be part of the online marketing mix.

The first seminar of the evening will be '10 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Google Analytics' presented by Prab Chadha, who is the managing director of Digital Maverick Ltd.

For more information and tickets visit www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/digital-marketing-club-tickets-38836645452