FROM fresh fruit and vegetables, top quality meats and homebaked bread to the finest flowers, traditional sweets and hardware goods, Newport Market caters for every need all under one roof.

And with many stalls in the Victorian market still serving decades on after being passed down through generations of families, knowledge and expertise is a major attraction which keeps many customers coming back again and again.

But despite many loyal customers visiting the market regularly, traders have still found themselves being hit during the past fewyears with the rise in supermarkets and chains.

Lisa Martins has run Needham’s fishmongers for eight years after the stall has been passed down through the family since the 1960s.

She said: “The rise in supermarkets has definitely seen more customers go but people should come and see what’s on offer at the market.

“Here everybody is a specialist in what they sell and is really passionate about their job.

Wereally cater for people’s needs and it is also quite a sociable place too as traders get to knowtheir customers.”

Raymond Taylor has owned P&R Taylor’s deli for around 50 years selling a whole range of fresh, local produce including meats, cheeses and honey. He said: “People should shop locally and help the local economy.

All the stuff we sell is fresh and there’s less packaging.

“When we first started there were no supermarkets and the market would be really busy but nowthe supermarkets have just gone huge.”

Butcher Tony Elston, who owns Elston’s, said: “Here you get quality and service and you can buy exactly what you want.

More people should come and see what’s on offer.”

Chris Hill has owned Chilly’s sweet shop for 20 years, selling all the traditional “pick and mix” sweets. He said: “It is mostly older people we get coming into the market but here it is cheaper prices and there’s a personal service. People go to the supermarkets though because it’s easier.”

Martin Hugh has managed the Ron Hugh pet shop and supplies stall for the past 35years but the stall has been there more than 70 years having been passed down through the family.

He said: “More people should act in the interest of the local economy and visit the market.

“It’s putting it into practice though. Coming here you do get the best quality and the best produce.”

Mark Ashman owns Mister Fruit grocers which sees people regularly come in for their fruit and veg.

He said: “Here you get more variety and we can sell whatever amount people want and we give very good prices.

“Here you get expert advice and all the fruit and veg as it’s in season.”

Johanna Davies has owned Davies Florists for the past 15 years but again the family business has been going for much longer, clocking up around 68 years. She said: “People here will bend over backwards to provide a service.

“At the moment people go to the supermarkets because the prices are cheaper but the thing is, if that carries on we are going to lose all the local traders which is when the supermarket prices will hike up.

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