From quidditch to wands and from Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans to butterbeer, Harry Potter was a big part of a childhood.

They were the books that taught me to read (as well as my mum).

That is why I got extremely excited when Bedwellty House invited us to their Harry Potter themed afternoon teas.

From the moment you arrive, you immerse into the world of Harry Potter’s magic. You are welcomed by a photo opportunity with Harry Potter props – you can even get a picture with Hagrid and Professor Snape.

As you walk towards the room where the afternoon tea is served, you will feel the excitement building and, the moment you step into the room, you feel like a geeky child again.

The room is so beautifully decorated – there is such an attention to detail. One of my favourite bits was their menu, which looks like the Marauder’s Map. You may need to solemnly swear that you are up to no good for the menu to reveal itself to you.

The actual afternoon tea is truly thought through, with everything having a Harry Potter twist to it. For instance, it begins with Professor Sprout’s pumpkin soup and the bottom tier includes Ginny’s cheesy broomsticks, Olivanders wobbly wands and Harry’s ham sandwich, amongst others. Are you going to be able to catch the Golden Snitch?

Gary Van Der Walt, from Cardiff, was also at the pre-launch event of the afternoon tea.

He said: “I have enjoyed it. It is quite quirky and there were some interesting flavours and designs.

“I like Harry Potter – I have been to the Harry Potter studios and to see the play of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London.

“I think what I probably enjoyed the most was the popping candy polyjuice potion and Riddle’s red velvet cake with the deathly hallow charm.

“I think they have gone through a lot of effort with the decorations, they have really tried to bring the atmosphere. There are lots of nice little touches.”

He said they have been to Bedwellty House and Park for afternoon tea a few times before, having tried other of their themed afternoon teas – including Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland.

“The staff are always really friendly and you get so much food,” he added.

Cath Hares, catering and hospitality manager at Bedwellty House and Park, said that it takes them about two to three months to prepare and get all the props for their themed afternoon teas.

She said: “We have been doing it for a couple of years. We have a really creative team so we try to offer different experiences here so people don’t have to travel to Cardiff or London.

“It has a real community feel to it as it is prepared by our staff and volunteers. For example, a volunteer made the mandrake, also known as mandragora.

“They are really popular. We already have 400 people booked for the Harry Potter afternoon tea, so I hope we can meet their expectations.”

The Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Experience is available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 12pm and 2.30pm until November 17. Prices are £20 for Adults and £16.50 for Children. Pre-booking is essential.

To book, ring 01495 353397 or go to . Alternatively, you can visit or