It’s half-term and what better time to enjoy the magic of Disney than paying a visit to Cardiff’s New Theatre to see Orbit Theatre’s production of Beauty and the Beast.

Orbit Theatre transfer popular characters, songs, costumes and designs intrinsic to the animated original to the stage version bringing the 2 D characters to life.

The productions triumph is undoubtedly the dance ensemble piece Be My Guest a glittering sequence of kitchen cutlery choreography reminiscent of the finest Busby Berkeley dance routines and headed by Newport’s own Andre Paul Spring as Lumiere.

Spring is perfect casting as the comical candlestick servant of the Beast as similarly are other servants human clock Cogsworth (Dan Collier-Roberts), Teapot Mrs Potts and her son Chip the teacup (Laura Phillips and Lewys Ringham), feather duster Babette (Melanie Holdsworth) and wardrobe (Linda Coombes).

While youngsters were clearly besotted with Belle (Rebecca Jayne-Poole) and her beastly Prince (Lewis Brimfield), it was up to stereotypical bad guys Owain Sullivan as Gaston and the foolish but brilliant Daniel Parker as Lefou to add drama to the proceedings.

A special mention must also go to Howard Turnbull as Belle’s eccentric inventor father Maurice who entered the stage with a loud bang and proceeded to sing the duet No Matter What whilst struggling against the odds of an out of control false moustache.

Indeed the cast did come up against a few technical difficulties in Wednesday’sfirst matinee, but all was received by the majority of the audience in good spirits.

Disney’s Beauty and The Beast continues until Sunday and will no doubt be the perfect half-term treat for any Disney fan.