2010 was the last time Ricky Gervais lectured an audience, then it was on the topic of ‘Science’ and now seven years later he’s brought his ‘Humanity’ tour back to Cardiff’s Motorpoint arena, performing on March 6 and March 7.

Gervais’ brand of stand-up humour is, let’s say, polarising, to a mainstream audience. Those who are fans of his taboo-breaking, harshly worded world outlook will find plenty to laugh at. Those easily offended would be advised to avoid the show, suffice it to say: nothing is off limits.

Rather than tip-toe through the field of offences topics, The Office creator glides through the grass making references and jokes on topics the vast majority would consider strictly off limits. 

The shocking topics are not done for the sake of shock alone however, they are intertwined with witty anecdotes from his childhood and his, perhaps slightly opposing, caring, yet cynical view of the world.

In what could be his last ever stand up tour Gervais delivers an intelligent, humorous, wince-inducing 90-minute set, which shines a light on the man as well as a multi-millionaire comic.

His opening act, the witty Doc Brown, set the audience up perfectly with his relatable comedy.

Ricky Gervais will continue to tour Humanity until October, his next performance is in Machester’s 02 Apollo, on Monday March 13.

Ross Tyson