PHOENIX Productions’ adaptation of A Chorus Line at the Dolman Theatre was a roaring success, as demonstrated by the response of the enthusiastically cheering audience, determined to show their appreciation of what was an emotional roller coaster of a performance.  

This adaptation of the 1975 Broadway musical, originally directed and choreographed by Michael Bennet, showcased the talent of this youth musical theatre production superbly as they sang and danced their way through a series of numbers by Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban, instructed by Zach the director (played by Dave Jones) barking out his commands from his off-stage position.

The story revolves around a group of young hopefuls auditioning for the final eight slots in the chorus line in a desperate bid for entry into the Broadway world.  

The cast were superb and unfortunately too numerous to mention individually (although Thomas Carron with his unexpected back flips must be applauded), but the glittering gold finale of One, showcasing the entire cast, was not only a wonderful spectacle but an opportunity for the audience to show their appreciation of those who hadn’t made it into the Chorus Line.

Julie Benson