STAGING Jules Verne’s worldwide adventure was almost as extraordinary as the literary journey itself.

With a cast of just eight covering 125 characters and featuring six trains, five boats, four fights, two dances, a storm, a circus act and an elephant, you can imagine the challenges. And with just one basic set. But the company has created more than two hours of controlled mayhem, enormous fun and some entertaining. performances.

The stand-out display came from Michael Hugo as Passepartout. His energy and athleticism were remarkable and he connected with the audience immediately having a special kind of charm and a wicked glint in his eye throughout.

Andrew Pollard was a very controlled Phileas Fogg while Dennis Herdman was on top form as the scheming Inspector Fix determined to arrest Fogg for the London Bank Robbery.

But this is above all an ensemble performance and the skill of the whole company is needed to create this laughter-filled evening with its many quick costume changes and imaginative set changes. 

Even the stylised fight scenes have an unusual quality.

Nothing is taken too seriously and the aim is to entertain which they do from the start. 

Malcolm Rees