ANDY HOWELLS chats to singer/songwriter MOZEZ about his new album The Absolute

What was the inspiration behind your new album The Absolute?

I wanted to create something that is relevant to the time we are living in, something that I could listen to in moments of happiness or sadness, something that encompasses all the musical styles I listen to, grew up with and feel a part of. The inspiration came from the idea that I needed to relate my thoughts, and my vision of life in general to all who will listen, as I think we are constantly drawn away from the beauty and abundance nature, God and life bestows upon us.

Where did you get the title from?

The Absolute came from the idea that I did not want to be confined musically to a genre style or particular discipline. The music needed to be without restriction, something that went with the energy of the moment when it was written and produced.

It’s also connected to my belief that nothing is impossible if you have the desire, zeal, knowledge and will. The only restriction we have is within us.

You combine a variety of genres on the album including blues, rock, electronic and reggae, how important is showing eclecticism when making an album?

As I said before I had no preconceived of what the album should be, I wanted something that I could enjoy and listen. I enjoy a lot of different styles so the album becomes a reflection of the music I listen to and love. Harmonising these styles and making them into a cohesive album is where it becomes a bit difficult, I hope I have achieved something that is worthy to listen to.

Eclecticism is not a necessary factor in creating an album. I believe this is primarily down to your motive in creating the album. If the album is done to show your versatility then probably yes, if it’s done to get a message across to the people then it becomes less important.

Tracks like Wings and Coloured Dreams have quite an uplifting and feel-good aura to them – does this reflect your own personality?

I have no idea of my personality… what I think the tracks reflect is that at the time of writing I was surrounded or reflecting on periods of happiness and contentment.

Do you have a favourite track on The Absolute and why?

Ummmhh! I think probably the title track itself, as I think lyrically and musically it encompasses what the album is about itself. If I had to choose one track to listen to on the album it would most likely be that one.

You have recently completed work on the soundtrack for a documentary on Bruce Lee – how did that come about?

One of the managers of Bruce Lee Enterprise knew of my work and invited me to work on the project .

Of course being a huge fan of Bruce Lee I jumped at the opportunity.

Your forthcoming single is called Broken Toy – what was the inspiration behind that?

I was going through a period of difficulty in my personal life, and was very hard on myself as we tend to do. I remember speaking with my Mom one dark moment and she said, “Life can be a walk in the park depending on your expectation of yourself.” Those were the words that inspired this song.

Broken Toy is about self-examination, encouragement and hope . It was written during the recession years... the song became a sort of reality check for me. I hope it will be to others.

Will you be performing live anytime soon?

Yes, I will be performing in Ibiza with Nightmares on Wax in the coming weeks and will follow up with other gigs over the summer .

This should be confirmed pretty soon.

What else can we expect from Mozez in 2013?

I have a number of projects working on especially with my label Numen Records. I hope to release albums from a few artist signed to the label.

We are currently putting together the H.O.S Festival for the summer of next year, a cultural event celebrating music derived from Ska, to be held over three days. Venue to be announced very soon. I am currently doing follow-up work with Bruce Lee Enterprise and preparing to tour my new album while working with a number of artist and projects including Nightmares on Wax, Gabin and others so a few things to do.

  • The Absolute is available on Numen Records now.