AFTER signing with Gary Barlow’s Future Records, up-and-coming young star A*M*E will perform at Pontypridd’s Ponty’s Big Weekend festival on Saturday, July 21.

The 17-year-old brand of quirky pop has already planted her firmly on the radar for 2012.

With one viral hit so far with City Light and the new Ride Or Die viral out now, she is also turning a lot of heads in the style press as well.

Talking about her pursuit of encapsulating ‘perfect pop’, A*M*E said: “What I love most about a perfect pop song is that with it you are never alone.

“That’s what makes me happiest about pop music. It is a friend when no one else is.

“Tracks like TLC’s No Scrubs, Madonna’s Holiday, Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life or anything by Adele. All amazing pop songs.”

Jessie J and Olly Murs are among the household names appearing at Ponty’s Big Weekend which runs between July 20 and 22. Go to for more information.