RECALLING old-school new-wave that brought female-fronted bands and artists such as Martha and The Muffins, Lene Lovich and Altered Images to the music forefront circa 1980; Bristol band Call the Doctor have emerged in the 21st century with an impressive debut album.

Hands Will Shake not only houses an original collection of guitar-driven punk pop with a solid beat but also a fabulous collection of catchy melodies.

These are complemented with contagious riffs and tuneful and occasionally wistful vocal treatments from lead vocalist Patti Aberhart (pictured).

Three-minute pop masterpieces Closer to Home and the band’s forthcoming single Wrecking Ball sit neatly against the punk-esque solemnity of Stood Beside Her and Little Bones.

Hands Will Shake is an album that will keep playing on in your mind long after you’ve unplugged your iPod from your ears.

An impressive debut.

  • Hands Will Shake by Call The Doctor is available from Glasstone records