THE Devil’s Violin Company bring their storytelling experience A Love Like Salt to Blackwood Miners’ Institute next week.

Aided by the skilled and inventive strings and accordion trio, Abergavenny’s Daniel Morden – one of the UK’s most compelling and applauded storytellers – lures the audience onto a rollercoaster ride in this haunting, hypnotic fusion of music and word.

The tour which started at Oxford’s Bodleian museum in March has been performed at literary festivals and theatres.

“I’m not like Bob Dylan and do a spate of gigs,” jokes Daniel who says there have been breaks in the tour.

“It’s being extremely well received; we’ve done literary folk festivals through to village halls.

“Our audiences have ranged from university professors to friends just coming along to support friend events.”

Daniel has travelled the world as a storyteller since 1989, telling Welsh tales fromas far a field as St Donat’s and St David’s to the Arctic, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Several years ago Daniel was approached by music director and cellist Sarah Moody to take part in a newproject incorporating music and stories. Daniel was keen to come on board as storyteller and brought his schoolfriend violinist Oliver Wilson- Dickson into the mix.

“Oliver and I have a shared vocab,” said Daniel. “Weknowwhat each other can do and trust each other when performing.”

Sarah also brought accordionist Luke Carver Goss into the group and the newly assembled quartet were ready to perform, well almost – they still needed a name.

Daniel said: “Wedid think of using our own names, but there were too many.

“The first showhad a song called Devils Violin featured in it and we felt that fit well because Devil ties in with folklore and violin with music.”

The Devils Violin Company has toured with three shows since its formation.

The current formula features stories which happen within other stories to form one experience.

Daniel said: “It’s more complex and interwoven and flows beautifully.”

Daniel also has his own solo projects outside of The Devils Violin Company and has written several books, his latest Tree Of Leaf And Flame is published by Pont next week.

However Daniel prefers the discipline of working in a group.

“I need a deadline,” he said. “If I don’t have one, I won’t do it, having other people depending on me is a great incentive. Devils Violin is a good discipline to work in as well as a pleasure and delight.”

  • The Devils Violin Company appear at Blackwood Miners’ Institute on Thursday, November 23 tickets cost £12/£10, available on 01495 227206 or at