HISTORY came alive at a Valleys school yesterday as pupils and staff celebrated the school’s 100th birthday.

Pentwynmawr primary pupils went back in time for the day, dressing in Edwardian clothes, taking Edwardianstyle lessons, including drill and deportment, a sort of lesson in good posture.

All of the school’s 108 pupils and 16 staff got into the spirit of the day with site manager Michael Murphy, who donned top hat and tails, and year three and four teacher Nicola Walters, who was dressed in a black satin dress with the traditional high neck among the best dressed.

As well as the traditional lessons pupils looked at maps, photographs and letters, many sent in by former pupils and members of the community which spanned the length of the school’s 100-year history.

In the school hall, they have recreated the original village with a Presbyterian church, Nowaczyk’s sweet shop and of course the school. Tonight between 6-7pm former pupils and members of the local community are invited to go to an open evening to see the work.

Head teacher Jackie Nash, who had just come out of leading a traditional assembly, said: “Everyone has really got into the spirit of it and made a great effort, it has been a great day.

“Pupils have had to adhere to the strict Edwardian etiquette while they have lessons in handwriting, spelling, reading, tables as well as drill and deportment.

“History has come alive for the children and hopefully they will remember this for the rest of their lives.”