A YOUNG boy was left shaken and upset after being mugged by two teenagers on bikes who stole his iPod.

Nine-year-old Daniel Farmer was walking home from a friend’s house on October 13, when a girl and boy approached him on Conway Road, near Beechwood Park, Newport, around 11.20am.

The girl asked if she could look at his white iPod and Daniel showed it to her.

But when he asked for it back she refused and the pair rode off. Daniel was unhurt.

The youngster started crying and a passer-by comforted him and called the police, who took him home.

Daniel’s mum Annette Farmer, said she is angry about the theft of the iPod, worth £165, and doesn’t want any other child to go through the same thing.

She said: “It was Daniel’s birthday present in July.

“He was really upset when it happened. It’s not about the iPod, It’s about what she’s done. I want her to apologise and realise she can’t walk up to children and take their property.”

Police are investigating and ask anyone with information to call 101.