A VALLEYS community chose three local heroes to be included in a permanent work of art in the SirhowyValley.

The Portrait Bench, unveiled at the new Quoits Wood Crossing bridge in Argoed on Wednesday, now sits on the national cycle network route 467.

The bridge was opened in February and lets walkers and cyclists pass between Blackwood and Markham along a disused railway path.

Pupils from nearby Markham Primary School were invited to cycle to the bench for its unveiling.

The local community was asked to nominate local heroes who should be featured in the bench.

Argoed-born Chartist leader Zephaniah Williams, who was one of the three leaders of the Newport Rising of 1839, former Markham Primary School head teacher Gillian Crandon who encouraged walking and cycling by the pupils, and Argoed-born Jack Price who captained the Argoed Quoits team in the 1930s and 1940s were all selected.