A NEWPORT family have said they will have a new life after winning a six-figure sum playing the People's Postcode Lottery.

Jacqui Howell, 41, screamed when she discovered she had won £333,333 live on stage at the Newport Centre on Saturday afternoon.

Two other winners who live in the NP20 3BJ postcode have decided to remain anonymous.

The postcode lottery presented by Scott Quinnell had been selected last month but the big winners were only revealed at a party on Saturday.

Mrs Howell lives in Maesglas with her husband and four daughters Lara, 17, Gabrielle, 14, Sienna and Freya, both seven.

She said of the win: "It's a new life for us. I can't tell you how difficult the last few years have been for us all while I was studying at university.

"Money has been so tight, and the kids have gone without, so now I will be able to spoil my family, cut down my extra hours and be at home more often."

Mrs Howell has recently qualified as a nurse and is due to start her new job at a learning disability home in Penhow next Monday.

Husband Dave, 43, described her as "wonderwoman."

He said: "For the last five years, she has been working night shifts at the local nursing bank, then going to univerisity and studying for the day, before coming home and being a mum.

"It was our anniversary two days ago, and we had no money to celebrate it," said Mr Howell, deputy manager at Newport homeless hostel Solas.

"This win changes everything. Every day is a struggle at the moment. Now we can pay off our mortgage, and all our debts."

Mrs Howell already has plans on how they will spend their surprise win.

She said: "We haven't had a beach holiday for seven years, so we would love to take the girls to Kenya, where Dave and I got married 12 years ago."