FED-UP residents on a Rogerstone estate say they are at the end of their tether after being hit by flooding for the third time this year.

William Palmer, of The Uplands, said this is the worst flooding he has seen since moving to the community 22 years ago and it has caused misery for motorists and pedestrians.

He said: “The sheer volume has lifted the manhole covers in the road. It is a major problem with gallons coming up from the drains in the road. The gutters on each side of the road have turned into streams and are gushing with force.”

Mr Palmer, who is chairman of Rogerstone Community Council, said that while homes have not been flooded, it is causing concern.

Newport City Council had bowsers here until midnight on one night, but it hasn’t helped.

“Cars are having to slow down and mount the pavement, which is heavily used.

“Residents are fed-up and at the end of their tether.

“The welfare ground was under two feet of water.

“We need to get to the bottom of why the drains are flooding every time it rains heavily. People have landed on the moon and yet we can’t solve this issue. The main drains in the road simply cannot cope.”

Newport City Council was unavailable for comment.