A BERLIN Wall for the NHS is being built along the England-Wales border - that’s according to AM for Monmouth Nick Ramsay, who said he is fed up with the number of his constituents who are being told they are barred from seeking treatment over the border.

Mr Ramsay said he is receiving an increasing number of complaints from patients who are experiencing problems with accessing health services in English hospitals.

“It is almost as if an NHS Berlin Wall is being built along the England/Wales border,” he said.

“Patients who are used to being treated either primarily or for rehabilitation are being told Welsh hospitals are now their only option.”

He said if people are used to travelling from Chepstow to Bristol for treatment “there is no reason why this should not continue”.

Mr Ramsay called for “common sense” and a better handling of cross-border health issues.

David Davies, MP for Monmouth who has also had reports of patients being refused treatment in England, said: “We no longer have a national health service.

We have regional health services that don’t talk to each other.”

The Aneurin Bevan Health Board said changes to establish “uniform arrangements”

for patients require services that are routinely available within our health board area.

A spokesman said: “If a patient needs specialist treatment that we do not provide, and their clinical needs justify this, they will continue to be referred out of the area in the usual way.

“If we treat more patients within our area we are also ensuring that clinical skill levels are maintained, this has benefits for the community as a whole.

“The changes have been made in line with the Welsh Government plan for health called Together for Health.”