CHARGING for green waste collection, department mergers, and a review of staffing structures are some of the ways Monmouthshire council could plug a £4.3m funding gap it faces.

The council will reveal where the savings will come from when it presents its budget this afternoon.

Representatives from Chambers of trade and Commerce in the county have been invited to the town hall in Abergavenny to hear a presentation from Cllr Phil Murphy, cabinet member for finance and performance improvement.

A report says there is a £4.3m funding gap for 2013/14 rising to £16.5m in 2016/7.

The council has looked at areas of spending to see how they can make savings, with investing in fitness equipment in leisure centres mooted as making £100,000 in 2013/14 if custom does increase.

Highways, waste and street-scene are expected to merge into one, saving £120,000 over the same period, while a review of staffing structures is due to save £130,000.

Charging for green waste collection is another plan, saving £420,000.

The council has previously said its priority is the 21st century schools programme, costing an estimated £40m.

Reductions in the money available to maintain roads, property and county farms have already been before Cabinet in November.

Some of the other monetary pressures on the council include £2.5m for a major review of its waste management, £80m for roads, £18m to maintain schools and other buildings after surveys and £9m for adapting public buildings under disability discrimination legislation.

As a result, the council has pledged to make changes to the way it works to save money.

Monmouthshire is also working with five other local authorities across the UK to stimulate new thinking to redesign services.

The meeting takes place at 2pm.