A DEDICATED schoolgirl braved the sub-zero temperatures yesterday on a tractor in order to get to her biology GCSE exam.

Chepstow Comprehensive School pupil Sophie Jones, 16, was driven in by her dad on his tractor from their home around six miles away in Earlswood.

It’s not the first time dedicated members of the Jones family have arrived at school on a tractor, as Sophie’s older brother did the same thing two years ago to sit an A-level exam.

Despite the snow and ice some businesses are experiencing a boom due to the cold snap.

Joginder Singh owns Abergavenny Bargain Centre in Cross Street. He said: “We’ve sold about 150 sledges since Friday and about 60 or 70 shovels. It’s a gamble, sometimes they go, sometimes they don’t.

“For about three years we haven’t had any serious snow and now it seems to be constantly snowing.

“We sell sledges for £7.99 and £9.99 and they’ve been very popular. I expect we will sell some more.”

The snow may have caused disruption for many across the borough, but it was welcomed by Pontypool Ski Centre, which opened to give people the chance to ski on real snow.