AN Abercarn man, found seriously injured in Pantside on Thursday night, has regained consciousness, a friend said today.

Anthony Ford was found on Central Avenue at around 10pm, with shocked residents describing him as laying motionless, face-down for up to 40 minutes and a large amount of blood coming from his head.

Paramedics then spent two hours stabilising him before he was taken to Newport’s Royal Gwent Hospital.

Anna Mansell said Mr Ford, 25, needed operations to rebuild his eye socket and jaw over the weekend.

What happened to him had been a mystery, with police working on Friday to try and establish the circumstances.

They were looking at different explanations, such as the possibility he had been hit by a car.

Ms Mansell said: "On Saturday, he had his jaw and eye socket rebuilt, and an operation to remove his teeth and fit dentures.

"He regained consciousness on Friday but he can’t remember what happened."

Ms Mansell said he had left a friend’s house when the incident happened and was on his way home to Abercarn, adding: "He’s such a quiet lad, he’s a nice boy and not in any bother as he stays out of trouble. So I’ve no idea why this has happened."

Police were called to Central Avenue, Pantside at approximately 10pm on Thursday after Mr Ford was found injured.

If anyone has information they are asked to call 101.