TWO Labour councillors on Torfaen council have condemned a bizarre document which alleges they support cruelty to animals.

At a full council meeting the leaders of all four political groups on the council unanimously denounced the poster, dubbed ‘a vicious vendetta’ by a colleague.

Councillors David Daniels and Giles Davies were the two councillors attacked in the poster, which appeared on social forum Torfaen Matters on Facebook last month. It called for them to be sacked immediately, claiming they put politics before animal cruelty.

The document’s author alleges that the two councillors are in favour of animal cruelty after failing to denounce it in their response to other comments on the Torfaen Matters forum.

At a meeting of full council, the leaders of the four political groups on Torfaen council unanimously denounced the document.

Cllr Giles Davies, who owns three rescue dogs, said he had been left shocked and shaken by the attack.

“I never thought when I got into local politics I would ever face something like this.”

Cllr Daniels, said: “It has been very unpleasant to say the least. The document is appalling.”

Council leader Bob Wellington slammed the document.

He issued a statement which said: “I’m glad leaders of all political parties and the Independent group united to condemn this vile literature.

“It is clear a so-called keyboard warrior with nothing constructive to offer had hoped to conduct this cowardly and vicious vendetta from the shadows of social media.

“I hope the proper authorities trace the source of this warped material and deal appropriately with this individual.

“While bringing many benefits, if left unchallenged, social media can provide a toxic platform for unfounded allegations, misguided political points-scoring and unhealthy obsessions.”