CONTROVERSIAL comic Jim Davidson used his Cwmbran show to launch an attack on police and the criminal justice system following his arrest over historic sexual abuse allegations.

Davidson was at the Congress Theatre in the town on Wednesday evening where he performed to an audience of around 250 people.

Davidson was first arrested on January 2 of this year at Heathrow airport as part of Operation Yewtree, the investigation set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

However the former Big Break host has still not been charged and strongly denies the allegations.

He also stressed in his show that the allegations against him, which he said dated back to the 1970s, involved women and not children.

"Let me tell you about the worst six months of my life," Davidson told the audience.

"You’ve got to laugh or you would go mad.

"I would be locked up now if I was guilty but I’m not guilty and the worst thing about being not guilty is you only have one story - the truth."

Davidson was critical that the women who have made the allegations he refutes have been left anonymous yet he has been named.

"They’re anonymous you’ll never hear who they are.

"****** my life up and cost me a fortune though," he said.

He told how he was arrested at Heathrow airport having flown in from his home in Glasgow.

He said when police told him the names of the two women who had made the allegations he had never heard of them before in his life and said he couldn’t understand what police would have been searching for in his house which might be there from the past.

He asked the audience; "Do you remember 1988? I don’t even remember who I was married to in 1988.

"I’ve gone right off the police now," he added.

Davidson said he was banned from Margaret Thatcher’s funeral and joked that would mean he would no longer go and do shows for soldiers serving abroad.

He said the worst thing about Operation Yewtree was that because it was linked to Savile, there was a perception that everyone involved were paedophiles.

Davidson says he remains on bail "helping police with their enquiries I suppose."