AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL app has been launched to provide knowledge of archaeological sites across Wales.

The Archwilio App will feature archaeological treasures which will include the Newport Medieval ship, Newport Castle, Alexandra Dock and the Newport Athletics club. The castle which is a grade two listed building was constructed between 1327 and 1386.

The app was commissioned by the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts and designed by the University of South Wales’ Centre for Excellence in Mobile Applications and Services (CEMAS). It will be the first time a country’s archaeological records have been listed in one APP.

It can be used by both professionals as well as members of the public to access records held for Wales from anywhere and provides a means for users to post updates on any archaeological records. Images or information on new finds can be uploaded via the APP to the Welsh Archaeological Trusts for consideration.

It was launched on November 7 by John Griffiths, the Assembly Minister for Culture and Sport, at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff.

He said: “The new Archwilio phone app puts the heritage of Wales on the map. As well as allowing users to check records, the app can be used to add information, opening up opportunities for volunteers to get directly involved in archaeological recording and investigation. The Archwilio app truly opens archaeology to everyone in Wales.”

The app is available now and is free to download.