Q: I have a clematis plant I would like to move to another part of my garden when would be the best time to move it please?

DK via Facebook

A: Clematis need to be moved when they are dormant, between November and march. Cut the plant back to about a foot from ground level. Dig out the root carefully and move directly to its new spot. Clematis are one of the few plants that like to be planted a little deep.

Q: Why did my gooseberry bush not provide fruit last year?

RD via Facebook

A: Gooseberries are normally reliable. The plant may be to old, after about 8 years they need replacing. Trim the plants back by a third in early spring and give a high potash feed.

Q: My lawn is soaked and becoming more mud than grass, moss is appearing, how can I improve it in the winter months?

NS via Facebook

A: Your lawn would benefit from improved drainage. Use a digging fork to make holes in your lawn, push the fork in about half way and give it a little wiggle. Do this about a foot apart all over. Brush some horticultural grade sharp sand into the holes. Rake thatch out of the lawn twice a year. Wait for the ground to dry up a bit first.

Q: When is the ideal time to lay turf?

SP via Facebook

A: Lay turf between march and October as long as its not frosty. Good preparation as always is key. Give the new lawn plenty of water straight away.


The weather has been very wet but mild. A cold snap must be round the corner. Make sure you are ready to protect more tender plants with fleece jackets, cloches or you could improvise with newspaper, plastic and old plastic bottles,

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