A MOTHER and daughter bakery team from Newport featured on ITV Daytime yesterday afternoon in a bid to taste the sweet success of being named best independent bakery in the land.

Diane Corrister, 53, and Fern Coster, 31, will appear on Britain’s Best Bakery, at 4pm.

The pair set up Honeybunch Cake Company@ Corrister & White in Newport in 2008, from where they run a home-registered-kitchen and their online business.

But filming for the TV bake-off show was done at their contemporary bakery in Clevedon, Somerset, opened in 2010.

Mrs Corrister said it had given them a new-found respect for contestants on TV cooking shows.

“It is amazing how difficult having a camera in your face makes doing something you do day in day out,” she said.

“You also have renowned bakers watching you which is quite nerve-wracking.”

But Mrs Corrister said, on the whole, the pair could be quite proud of their efforts, which included a classic Victoria sandwich with homemade organic raspberry jam as their speciality bake.

Their wildcard bake was a goat’s cheese tartlet with lemon drizzle, while they made a cider-infused tarte tatin on competition day in the Bakers’ Dozen round.

“We are only a fledgling business really, so considering we were up against bakeries whose families have been at it for more than 80 years, we did okay,” she added.

Previously a social work manager in Newport, both Mrs Corrister and her daughter, Fern – formerly an office manager for Nepwort MP Paul Flynn – gave up their jobs to pursue their baking dreams.

They hope to open a second branch in their home town as part of the city centre regeneration, with their Waterloo Road home kitchen offering courses and consultations for weddings, birthdays and other events.

“The fact we have done this together, as mother and daughter, has been quite special for us,” said Mrs Corrister, who lives near Belle Vue Park.

For more information on the business see www.honbuncw@hotmail.co.uk or call 07769213181.