TWO RISCA pensioners are reaping the rewards of Caerphilly County Borough Council’s exercise referral scheme.

Husband and wife Graham and Carol Aldridge, 65 and 63, attend a mixed ability referral class at Risca Leisure Centre as part of their recovery from health problems.

The class has helped them keep active and prevent further problems.

Mr Aldridge, referred after suffering a heart attack in 2010, said : “Everyone is at a different level of fitness so we cango at our own pace.

“I was reasonably fit before my heart attack so it’s been great to get back into the gym.”

Mrs Aldrige was referred for arthritic problems in her knees and since joining has had fewer problems.

“My son is a physiotherapist and has noticed the improvement,” she said.

The National Exercise Referral Scheme is funded by the Welsh Government to standardise exercise referral opportunities across Wales.