A NEWPORT-based alcohol service has said it is concerned about the controversial internet craze known as ‘NekNominate’.

Kaleidoscope Alcohol Service is warning against people risking their lives to become part of the new craze, which encourages participants to down alcohol. Once they complete the so-called ‘neck and nominate’ challenge they nominate two friends on social media who must complete the drinking challenge within 24 hours.

A spokeswoman for the Godfrey Road-based organisation said: “We are very concerned about NekNomination. There have already been some fatalities associated with it and we may see more tragedies if it continues to grow in popularity.”

“Our bodies aren’t conditioned to take this amount of alcohol and none of us have any idea of the effects it may have on our bodies. By overloading the body it can cause respiratory arrest where the breathing gets so shallow the person can’t breathe.”

“When a phase like this takes hold people can lose sight of the dangers and get caught up with the momentum and the dare being set. It’s playing Russian roulette.”

“Within Kaleidoscope Project we would always recommend safe drinking within the government guidelines.”

A spokesman for the Aneurin Bevan Health Board said the game has already claimed a number of lives. The death of a man in Rumney which may be associated with the craze is currently under investigation by South Wales Police.

He said: “Drinking large amounts of spirits is incredibly dangerous, and this game has already claimed a number of young lives. Having such a high level of alcohol suddenly enter the body can result in the organs being unable to cope and shutting down.”

“The health board is continually engaged in ensuring those who do wish to drink do so sensibly.”

Anyone concerned about the dangers associated with drinking alcohol can contact Kaleidoscope Alcohol Service on 0845 4506307, Wales Drug and Alcohol helpline on 0808 808 2234 or Alcohol Concern on 0300 123 1110 at www.alcoholconcern.org.uk