A NEWPORT school has been told it needs significant improvement.

A new Estyn report says Rogerstone Primary School is “unsatisfactory value for money” and said a significant turnover of class teachers over the past few years had caused unacceptable disruption.

It has laid out seven recommendations, with the school set to draw up an action plan to show how it will address them.

The Argus reported on Tuesday that headteacher Sam Yeoman had left her post at Rogerstone Primary School for personal reasons. She was not present at the inspection in December.

Acting head teacher Steve Rayer said: “We are already working together to take on board the inspectors’ recommendations.”

The report, published yesterday, deemed the school’s current performance and prospects for performance adequate and said that the school “is in need of significant improvement”.

Pupils behave well in class and are enthusiastic learners, and most make appropriate progress and achieve what they are expected to for pupils of average ability at the end of each key stage.

Teachers and support staff provide interesting and enjoyable activities that motivate pupils, the report said, but work in pupils’ books is not as good as published outcomes at the end of each key stage suggest. Mr Rayer is said to allow members of the leadership team to develop and carry out their roles fully. Estyn will monitor the school’s progress in about 12 months.