WHAT a fantastic response to the article we carried yesterday on out-of-work father David Green.

From the moment our story was published we were inundated with offers of help, training and even work for Mr Green.

The article attracted thousands of online views and was the most read on our website yesterday.

From the outset let us say a huge thank you to all those who have responded.

They, like us, realised that here is a man who genuinely wants to work and who is doing everything he can to try to secure a full-time appointment.

He admits to being slightly apprehensive about us featuring his plight but is now delighted he came forward.

We had a feeling there would be a positive response but it has been overwhelming.

The number of jobs the 40-year-old has applied for over the past year convinced us that this was a genuine case and, knowing how soul-destroying it can be for people to face rejection constantly, we were happy to step in to highlight his plight.

We are delighted that organisations such as Newport Transport, recruitment agencies Acorn, Red Recruitment and Total Jobs, and Newport City Council have all stepped into offer their support.

And we wish Mr Green well in his job interview today.