THE Met Office has issued a yellow warning for the snow in Gwent on Friday morning, with travellers urged to take care.

This winter has been the wettest on record but snow may now break up the rainy days, particularly affecting the north Gwent valleys if the forecast proves accurate on February 28.

Forecasters say Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire and Torfaen are all at risk, although in low lying areas snow is unlikely is settle.

Travellers are advised to “be aware”, particularly in the morning rush hour, as journeys may take longer than usual.

Laura Young, a Met Office spokeswoman, said there were no guarantees we’d see snow but there was a high likelihood.

She said: “A majority of this is going to happen during drive time and it will melt very quickly during the course of the day. I think you’d have to go quite high up to build a significant snowman.”

But she warned that strong winds were expected and visibility could also be poor.

She added there was a higher level of uncertainty than normal as the temperature was unusually mild for snow and said the level of snow would depend on an area of low pressure moving in from the coast.

The official forecast says that “rain will turn to snow for a time, mainly over the high ground during Friday morning.

“Over low ground it is unlikely that any snow will accumulate but many areas may see falling snow and slushy deposits for a time.”