RESIDENTS in Newport may have noticed a new addition to Woodland Park. This week, people started to report sightings of a dragon in the park’s dingle.

Carved from a fallen tree, the dragon can be spotted off a park path and is the work of Caerleon metal and wood worker Chris Wood.

Mr Wood, who runs his own company Wood Art Works, had been involved in a project clearing the path.

He said: “The tree had been down for a good few years. So we thought we might as well make a feature out of it.”

It took the artist a solid seven hours to carve the mystical creature last Friday. The head alone in carved from around two tonnes of wood.

“Putting a feature in is just another reason for people to go there,” he said. “As soon as I started to cut it, I just thought - that’s going to be a dragon’s head. The wood is telling you what to do.”

The three year community-led Woodland Park dingle project began in 2013 and aims to restore the dingle which became neglected and overgrown. Supported by the Maindee Festival Association, the group have already managed to cut-back and clear paths.