I used to live in The White Hart pub as my in-laws used to keep it. In the mid 60s it was a very busy pub, always full of students. We used to have a sin-song around the piano every Saturday night. I remember the post office next door and an ironmongers, even though in the picture there was a butchers. I remember the pub as being the hub of the village.

Mrs Pearson, Newport

The Now and Then picture shows Caerleon High Street taken from the corner of its junction with Cross Street. Looking towards the river and in the foreground is the White Hart pub with Ye Olde Bull Inn behind the photographer.The photo brought back happy memories of when I was a young politics student. Along with my other student pals, Benjamin Hennessey, Clifford Baulch, Anthony Williams and Nikki Winfield, we held a weekly debating society upstairs in the ‘Hart’ where we strived to put the world to rights. Oh happy days, many thanks for the memories.

David Hall, Newport

The picture today is the High St, Caerleon, taken from the junction by the Bull PH. Suppose it's the hive of Caerleon activity for shops and post office.

James Dyer, Newport

More memories of the Old Green Crossing from Jan 28 This is a picture of the Old Green Crossing, Newport, roads led off to Malpas Rd, Caerleon Road, Chepstow Road and High Street.

Looking into High Street there were many boutiques and I remember a ladies fur shop. On the left hand side you have the Kings Hotel, the Chamber of Trade held their functions there and Harry Polloway was the MC for many events.

There was another hotel that the Americans used when they were stationed in Newport in the 1940s and further on the Murenger and a big department store, London House. There was also a selection of mens outfitters and a Milk Bar where we used to go for lunch from school. The town back then was vibrant, and at that time deserving of a city tag.

Cliff James, ex Newport

The picture shows the top of High Street with the Kings Head Hotel and old Green pub on the corner clearly visible. There used to be a large sports shop in the area, I think it was Gilesports. There was a bus stop at the Kings Head Hotel which used to accommodate all the buses for the Eastern side of the town, it was a very busy stop. Further down the road was the old South Wales Argus building, which I belive was relocated circa 1970.

Phil Ward, Goldcliff

The picture shows the High Street and the Kings Head Hotel which has now closed. There was a jewellers and a lane that took you to Newport market. Opposite was Wallaces furniture shop and a big cafe. Across the road was a pub called the Tredegar Arms which later became Yates. There is another pub the Murenger House and there was a shop called Joyce and Son. The area opposite the Kings Head is now a car park.

Mrs M Reardon, Newport

This week’s Now and Then shows the Kings Head Hotel on the left hand side which later became The Kings Hotel. There used to be big iron gates at the entrance to the hotel car park at the top of Upper Dock Street. The gates had a replica of a head in the centre of each gate. These gates were later moved to the Westgate Hotel, but when the entrance was modified and became HMV the gates were moved to one of the buildings at Tredegar House, but they have now disappeared, where have they gone?

In the Then picture most of the shops have sadly now been demolished and the multi storey car park has replaced them, the post office and the corn exchange.

In the centre background is the building that house Lloyds Bank as well as more shops at ground level. At the far end on the left hand side stands one of the oldest pubs in Newport – The Carpenters, which has changed its name several times. Out of sight beyond the buildings on the right hand side is Newport railway station.

Brian J J Jelf Newport