THIS newspaper has been reporting the case of Daniel Morgan for more than 25 years.

The private detective, from Cwmbran, was murdered in 1987. He was found in the car park of a London pub with an axe embedded in his head.

His murder remains unsolved despite five separate police investigations.

Mr Morgan's family and friends believe he was killed because he was about to expose serious corruption within the ranks of the Metropolitan Police and they have campaigned long and hard for justice.

Last year the UK Government set up an independent panel, led by a judge, to review the way in which police investigated Mr Morgan's murder and the corruption allegations.

Yesterday Theresa May, the Home Secretary, revealed the Ellison Report into the police investigation of the murder of Stephen Lawrence had also uncovered links between an allegedly corrupt police officer and the Morgan case.

Mr Morgan's family seem to closer than ever to the truth.

There appears little doubt their suspicions about his death were well-founded.

That this kind of evidence has taken so long to uncover - and that it has not been uncovered by the police - is a shocking indictment of the Metropolitan force.

Daniel Morgan's family have battled and campaigned for justice for more than a quarter of a century. They are brave and committed people who deserve the truth.

They should have to wait no longer.