THE REPEATED vandal attacks on Pontypool RFC ground are getting beyond a joke.

Surely it is now time for the ground to be made secure.

The tradition of open access, to the home of what must be one of the most famous clubs in the history of Welsh rugby, is just no longer sustainable.

Week after week it seems there are people hell-bent on destroying the club.

The vandalism, arson and littering is soul destroying for the members of Pontypool RFC both on and off the pitch.

There is much work going on behind the scenes to make Pontypool a go-ahead club, to try to lift it from the doldrums of its recent history.

And there has been some success.

So it is disappointing having to report of damage being caused by mindless individuals who have little respect for the community in which they live.

We know talks are going on between the club and Torfaen council to come to a workable solution.

And we realise these things often take time.

But surely fencing off the club is the easiest and perhaps most effective solution.

Pontypool RFC could then instal proper security which would enable them to concentrate on what they should be doing and not on having to clear up the mess and damage left behind by others.