A GROUP of Newport teenagers ambushed another youth and beat him up in an attack over a girl, Newport Crown Court heard yesterday.

One of the teens lured Jacob Dorrington, then 17, from his home in Gaer on August 17 last year by suggesting they went towards Tesco on Cardiff Road, the victim claimed.

But before the two arrived they came across three others hiding in a bush in wait, the prosecution alleged.

The gang then “set upon” their victim leaving Mr Dorrington with a broken nose, bloodied face and bruising to both eye sockets and his arms as well as other injuries, the court heard.

One defendant, John Harding, 18, of Kipling Hill, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm just before the trial started on Monday. This left three others to answer the case against them: Arif Hail, 18, of Hazlitt Close, and two youths who cannot be named.

Jonathan Rhys, prosecuting, said Harding was the first to attack Mr Dorrington, with the others joining in after , and he was left ”bloodied, bruised and dizzy”.

The motive seemed to be an attempt to warn Mr Dorrington away from Harding’s girlfriend, he added. Hail shouted “Don’t grass” after the attack was over, the court heard.

But as Mr Dorrington, now 18, walked home holding his top in his hand as it had allegedly been pulled off during the fight, two police officers in an unmarked car drove by. They could see he was injured and took him to the Royal Gwent Hospital.

All the defendants accepted they were present when the assault took place but said they had only been bystanders, with one of the youths saying he did not intervene in a fight between Harding and Mr Dorrington because it was “one on one”.

The prosecution alleged Arif Hail held Mr Dorrington’s head as Harding punched him, but each defendant maintained Hail was only trying to pull Harding away.

Giving evidence, Arif Hail denied there being any plan to ambush Mr Dorrington saying they were not expecting to see him.

Hillary Roberts, defending one of the youths, pointed out it would have been difficult for the victim to identity his attackers if he was curled up on the ground and covering his face.

Each defendant denies assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Harding will be sentenced after the trial has concluded.