CHRISTOPHER Williams’ harrowing tale of the night he was left with serious head injuries after a car accident, is a cruel reminder of how such incidents can shatter lives long after the event.

The 27-year-old is now living with the lasting legacy of injuries he received in a crash which occurred almost a year ago.

But there has also been a huge emotional price to pay.

For he was injured in a crash caused by a man he considered at the time to be among his best friends, but who then fled the scene.

Jesse Farthing was jailed for three years and six months and was banned from driving for six years after admitting dangerous driving at Newport Crown Court.

His behaviour was unforgiveable and we can’t help feeling his ordeal will be over long before that of the friend he left unconscious and bleeding at the crash scene.

Father-of-three, Mr Williams still suffers from night terrors and memory loss caused by brain damage.

He did not wake up until three days after the crash when he was in the Royal Gwent Hospital having suffered a triple jaw fracture and fractured skill.

Those injuries may heal but his damaged vision and hearing are unlikely to do so, meaning his chances of returning to work have also been greatly reduced.

That is a tragedy for one so young and a very high price to pay.