KYLE Vaughan’s parents’ open letter to the people of Gwent appealing for information about their son’s disappearance makes for painful reading.

This couple have waited desperately for 15 months for news about what happened to their son after he went missing in December 2012.

And yet despite numerous police appeals nothing concrete has come forward. It is obvious that people are lying to cover up the actions of others.

The couple’s open letter sums up the unimaginable hurt they have gone through, and continue to go through, every day.

They are now appealing directly to the people who know what happened to Kyle. And they are right when they say there are people who know but who aren’t telling.

Gwent Police are convinced Kyle was murdered.

Somebody, somewhere knows what happened to him.

All they have to do is pick up the phone and call Gwent Police or Crimestoppers to pass on that information.

All we can do is help Kyle’s parents put their personal appeal out there in the hope that their heartfelt plea may prick the conscience of anyone who has information.

Mrs Vaughan is very ill, but even without that consideration she and her husband deserve to know what happened.

They also deserve to be able to put Kyle to rest.