CHILDREN at a Newport nursery have created a very special present for their mums this Mother’s Day.

Youngsters at Fairoak Nursery School have been busy writing and illustrating their own book called ‘For my Wonderful Mother’, which features messages from all the children.

The pubished book was given to mothers at a presentation held yesterday.Head teacher Heather Morgan started the tradition back in 1991 when she was teaching a Year One class in Lliswerry.

She said: “Each child did a page with their own illustration and half a page of writing. I did it then as more of a writing exercise, but the parents just loved it so much and the children were so proud of being in a book.”

Children were asked to write how much they love their mums and other details like what they like them to wear or cook for them. Each child then drew a picture of their mum.

One child wrote: “I love my mum more than I love playing and I love playing more than anything else in the world,” while another said: “I love my Mummy 100 lollipops” and “My mum is a great cook, she makes me toast and coco-pops”.

Mrs Morgan said: “I know mums keep them forever.

I often run into people in town and they say I’ve still got that book.”

All the names of the 116 children featured are hand-written by each of them at the beginning of the book.

The 22-page book was then type-set by Mrs Morgan before being sent to Abergavenny to be printed.

Along with the books, the children also presented their mums with handmade cards and cakes decorated by them.

“They sang 10 songs using Welsh, English and sign language, all about love,” said Mrs Morgan.

“Some of the mums were crying.”

This is the sixth year the nursery children have made the books, which are all funded by the nursery school.

Mrs Morgan added: They are really special and I know the parents really value them and it’s really important for the children too.”