MEN can suffer from dry skin and hair problems just as much as women, but traditionally they tend to do less about it for fear of looking "girly".

But, new research shows that beauty and personal care launches specifically targeted at men have increased globally by a whole 70 per cent over the past six years.

But, as the market becomes increasingly segmented and sophisticated, men should not overlook the basics when investing in good quality products. We have had a look at everything from the niche to the natural. Here’s our pick of the best male grooming products on the market.

Australian Bodycare Skin Wash, £12.50 from, is a hard-working, all-over skin wash for a deep clean that won’t dry out the skin. The antiseptic wash kills acne-causing bacteria to leave skin feeling fresh and clean. The neutral pH balance is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Lather the gel to create a clean and hygienic foam to cleanse away skin impurities.

Don’t leave your face feeling dry. The Daily Moisturiser, £26 from is suitable for all skin types - it soothes, moisturises, rejuvenates and nourishes, and is an essential part of any man’s grooming routine. Containing Babassu Oil, it boasts super moisturising properties that heal dry skin and improve skin’s elasticity. It is also excellent for smoothing and softening with restorative properties for dry and flaky skin.

If you’re prone to spotty or problem skin, unclog those pores with Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance Mask, £15, from Boots. This multi-tasking mask has a three-pronged approach to oily/ blemish-prone skin: it absorbs excess oil, unclogs pores and exfoliates dead skin cells. Kaolin clay, combined with new active ingredient Glyceryl laurate, absorbs excess oil and gives skin an instant matte finish, while a combination of salicylic and glycolic acid unclogs pores. Exfoliating particles in the mask eliminate impurities and dead skin cells, leaving your complexion feeling clear and smooth.

If you prefer to use organic skincare products, try Aubrey’s Northwoods Aftershave £13.49, and Shaving Cream £6.37 from health food stores and

The shaving cream gives a smooth, cool and close shave - use it daily for a comfortable, easy shave and invigorated skin. It also soothes and guards against irritation from razor burn. The aftershave gives cool, tingly skin - use after shaving or anytime to invigorate your face and tighten pores. It leaves skin smooth, fresh and smelling great.

Also try Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Body Wash, £6.79, Holland and Barrett. This completely hydrating and restoring lotion is rich in essential minerals and marine extracts. Dead Sea Salt contains over 20 essential minerals, some of which do not exist in any other sea. This unique combination of Organic Dead Sea Mineral Salt and Marine Algae offers a number of natural skin care benefits which include nourishing and remineralising properties. By combining these unique aquatic ingredients with a proprietary blend of bioactive and organic extracts it leaves the body feeling revitalised, hydrated and invigorated.

If you suffer from dry, itchy or flaky skin, eczema or psoriasis, try Graham’s Skincare. Australia’s best-selling natural skincare range offers top-to-toe treatments for eczema and sensitive skin conditions and has a complete range of natural products to treat mild sensitive skin to more severe eczema and psoriasis flare-ups all over the body. It contains innovative natural ingredients and plant lipids including emu oil, manuka honey and colloidal oatmeal to deeply penetrate layers of the skin to intensely nourish and help repair the skin’s protective barrier.

Another winning product for men (and women) is Organic Surge Shine Boost Shampoo, £5.99 and Shine Boost Conditioner £5.99. Both are formulated with organic aloe vera and seaweed extracts work to boost moisture retention while scalp-stimulating rosemary and apple extracts help to flatten the cuticles of the hair shaft and to brighten and gloss the hair. Wheat protein also helps to smooth and detangle.

Green People Scrub It™ Exfoliator, £10.50 and Skin Guard™ Face Defence SPF15 £16.50 from Blast your face with bamboo extract and cranberry powder which effectively remove dead skin cells, while natural clay draws out toxins and any skin impurities – all without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Fairly traded Shea Butter smoothes skin making it ready for a close shave. Follow with the Face Defence - this organic face lotion not only protects against UVA/UVB rays but also guards against wrinkles. It contains antioxidants to fight free-radical damage as well as a clinically proven, powerful age reversing active ‘Baicalin’ derived from Skullcap - shown in clinical trials to reduce ageing of the skin. Studies have shown that in people aged over 40, this extract can reduce the visible age of the skin by up to 10 years - it’s the perfect skin defence. Both products are certified organic.