THE family of little Leo Dixon have been through a lot.

Little Leo, now three, suffers from cerebral palsy and spastic diplegia, and his parents, Mike and Kate worked tirelessly to raise £70,000 to send him to the USA for an operation which could change his life.

After undergoing the selective dorsal rhizotomy in November, Leo still has various types of therapy as he improves.

And it was while he was at a horse riding therapy session that burglars entered the family's home in Newport and ransacked it.

Among the items stolen were two laptop computers containing the family's precious memories of the ups and downs of Leo's early years and events organised to raise funds for his operation.

And while any burglary is devastating to the victims, this crime seems particularly bad given what young Leo and his parents have already gone through.

CCTV images from Neighbours' cameras appear to show the thieves - one breaking in while another kept watch - which may help police catch those responsible.

We hope the burglars are caught and punished, and we hope the Dixon family get their possessions returned to them soon, including all those previous memories.