LAST week we featured Chepstow Road and the cenotaph, Newport.

I was born in Newport and lived at Ringwood Hill, the now photo takes me back to when I was a little boy and used to go to Saturday morning matinee, where they showed the old cowboys etc movies, the movies used to end in dramatic finishes and they would say you must see next week’s episode, I believe the cinema was called the Odeon. Across from the cenotaph was another cinema, but I can’t remember the name of it. Your now and then series really takes me back in time.

Terry Britton, Tasmania, Australia

The photo is of Newport’s Clarence Place. Prominent in the ‘then’ picture is the newly erected Cenotaph (cenotaph means “empty tomb”) built to remember those who fell in the First World War. The column was inscribed “1914-1918”. Later was added “1939-1945” for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Second World War. In recent years has been added an inscription to those who have fallen in conflicts since then. The photo must date from between the 1920s when the Cenotaph was built and the 1930s when the Odeon cinema was built. Just along from the Odeon is the Ivy Bush pub - still there today, and further still was the Isca Hotel.

Dave Woolven, Newport

This is an obvious view of Clarence Place and the Cenotaph, taken from Chepstow Road. This where the annual Remembrance Day participants gather in November, and is renowned for the many food outlets there.

To the right of the Cenotaph is the old Odeon cinema, and the Ivy Bush pub.

Jim Dyer Stockton Rd Newport

The Now and Then picture is of Caerleon Rd and Corporation Road in Newport. In the middle is the cenotaph memorial, and the Odeon cinema used to be nearby, which in turn became a snooker hall, opposite was the Transports Club where bus drivers and conductresses used to hold their dances etc. On the left of the picture was a sewing machine shop called Singers and another cinema, The Coliseum which is now a block of flats. Opposite is Barratts florist and the Artful Dodger pub. Also in the area is the tax office,The Ivy Bush pub and the Clarence Club.

Mrs M Reardon, Newport