FURTHER information is needed on waste collection options says Torfaen council’s committee members.

Torfaen council is undertaking a review of its residual waste collections ahead of a public consultation and the report will be the subject of a scrutiny committee.

At the pre-agenda meeting for the cleaner communities overview and scrutiny committee meeting, the report was discussed and further information was requested.

The report was formally rejected with a request for further information on how the three options were reached and the criteria used.

The scrutiny committee will now be held on Wednesday, April 9, at 1.30pm.

From 2015/16 recycling targets in Wales will increase with councils fined in the region of £100,000 for every one per cent they fall below the line.

The council is currently investigating three options designed to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill including maintaining a fortnightly collection with a smaller black wheelie bin, a fortnightly collection of two refuse bags per household, or moving to a monthly collection using the existing 240 litre black wheelie bin.

The council plans to carry out a public consultation towards the end of April.