Slugs are a real problem in my garden. Can you recommend a safe way of controlling them?

BM, Abergavenny

Boil two crushed cloves of garlic in two pints of water for two hours.

Use two table spoons of this in a watering can and water over your susceptible plants. Slugs and snails will go elsewhere.

I have recently purchased two blueberry bushes. Are they best planted close to the fence, or more in the open ? Also the soil is fairly heavy. What would you recommend ?

HW, Caerleon

Blueberries grow about two feet high and wide and like full sun so i would plant them in the open. They like to be kept moist so a heavy soil will suit them. Plant with plenty of ericaceous compost as they like acid soil. Before they ripen it is worth netting the bush as birds love blueberries.

I have an orchid which has flowered continuously from August until now, but I have noticed that the odd flower has suddenly started to drop off. What am I doing wrong ?

JC, Ebbw Vale

All good things must come to an end and as your orchid has flowered since August you have done very well. Orchids need a rest period after flowering and it can be tricky to get them to flower well again. There are lots of varieties and care varies depending on type.

I have noticed moss is now growing on every path, driveway and the patio. Can you please recommend a chemical that actually works in killing this growth of moss?

HB, Newport

Jeyes fluid is an old favourite for cleaning hard surfaces outside. A product called patio magic has been popular with customers recently for killing moss.

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