A SAILOR’S memoirs of the First World War have been published by his granddaughter in light of the 100 year commemoration.

William Edward Jones was born in 1880 and wrote three journals when he was in his 80s full of tales of his time as a petty officer in the navy and his latter life spent in Caerleon. He was a member of the Caerleon Military Band in 1920 and played the cello and clarinet.

He joined the navy when he was 16-years-old spending the majority of his service on HMS Canopus and The Venerable.

Pat Tasker, 67, of Newport, granddaughter of Mr Jones, has spent the last ten years reading his memoirs to incorporate them into one publication.

She said: “It’s full of stories of battles. The detail is quite extraordinary since he wrote it in his 80s.

“He has drawn these amazing sketches of battles and different places that he’s been to.

“I didn’t really know my grandfather very well, as I was 18-years-old when he died, but by reading his memoirs I have learnt a lot about his life.

“He had a strong sense of right and wrong, a typical straight-backed Victorian gentleman.”

The book spans from 1880 until 1965 and includes when Mr Jones was a special constable in Beechwood during the Second World War.

He was married to Winifred Maud Moore from Caerleon and had three children Clifford, Leslie and Rupert. Leslie Jones, Mrs Tasker’s father was part of the Royal Engineers who were imprisoned in Colditz during the Second World War.

Mrs Tasker added: “My grandfather was a great musician.

“He loved Caerleon, was a bit of a history buff and loved the history of the town.”

The book, Through all the changing scenes of life: The memories of William Edward Jones (1880 -1965) is available from Caerleon post office and Caerleon Library.