TWO friends from Newport helped to raise £1,500 for Cancer Research at an event held last week.

Sarah Parkinson, from Marion Street in Pill, and Stacey Pardue, from Byron Road, Gaer, organised the event at the Docks Conservative Club.

They encouraged three friends, including Mrs Pardue’s husband Frankie, to grow beards from the start of the year until last week.

And only then could Mr Pardue, along with his brother Gareth, and friend Robert Wigmore have their beards shaved off by Joanne Macmillan from Jo Jo’s Barbers on Alexandra Road in Pill.

But Mr Pardue, pictured left (before and after) had his head shaved once people started throwing down money to pay for him to do so and he raised £195.

Ms Parkinson said: “It’s amazing to see people coming together for such a good cause. So many families are affected by cancer and we were overwhelmed by the response from people.”

“It has touched a lot of hearts and it’s good to see the community spirit is still out there.”