A NEWPORT family have joined forces with an arts house to cook up a Welsh-Indian fusion at a unique pop-up event.

The event, Daavut – meaning Banquet, is at Barnabas Arts House this Friday April 25. It is the first “pop-up” event for both the cooks and the gallery.

Janet Martin, owner of Barnabas, said: “It’s a first for us. It’s also been our dream to have food and art mixed.”

Renu , Pia, and Layah Mohindru are the three generations which form Zest dining.

Renu and daughter-in-law, Pia are in the kitchen, while 14-year-old Layah is allowed in for “tasting only”, although she will also be in charge of music on the night.

Renu, who is originally from the Punjab region of northern India, came to Wales in 1979 where she lived in Ebbw Vale, before settling in Newport.

She said: “We have been aiming to do this for a while. It’s about Indian food and authentic proper food.

“The food is totally authentic but made for the English palette – a little bit milder but full of flavour.”

The family duo has perfected their skills after years cooking together and catering various events.

Pia said: “We’ve done so many dinner parties we just get into our routine automatically.”

But Renu is the biggest critic of her food, she said: “It’s never perfect. The day you think that, it will be a disaster.

The three course menu will offer a range of meat and vegetarian dishes.

“Everything will be different to what you expect from Indian food,” said Pia. “Everything is fresh.”

The spice mixes are all ground and mixed by Renu who sources them from a special wholesaler.

“You don’t need to use many spices, just the right ones,” she said.

“If the base isn’t right it won’t turn out right no matter how much you work on it.

“These are recipes we have developed over the years and changed for the people here.”

Pia said: “The food will speak for itself.”

The event will be for no more than 40 people and so the ticketed places are limited. Tickets are £28 per person and people can bring their own drinks.

For bookings or more information, call Pia on 07503 114740 or Barnabas on 01633 673 739.