A NEW dispersal order aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour by giving the police power to move people on, has been granted in Newport.

The dispersal order will deal with groups of young people congregating and causing a nuisance and run for six months from 9am on Friday, May 9, until midnight on Saturday, November 8.

In this time, anyone found hanging around in a group of two or more and involved in anti-social behaviour between the hours of 8.30pm and 8am will be asked to leave the area.

The areas covered by the dispersal order include under George Street Bridge, Coverack Road, Morris Street and Corporation Road.

Crime and disorder reduction officer, PC Leanne Pole said: “We applied for this dispersal order after listening to the concerns of the general public and local businesses.

“A group of young people have been causing issues such as shouting and swearing, underage drinking, urinating in the street and under the bridge, taking and supplying illegal drugs, smashing glass bottles and fighting.

“We have been working closely with our partners to talk to the youngsters and many of them have agreed to move on. However, there are a small minority of individuals who are still causing issues late into the night and disturbing residents.

“The introduction of this dispersal order will give us further powers to move on anyone involved in anti-social behaviour”.

Knowingly beaching a dispersal order is a criminal offence and if found guilty, an offender is liable to receive a fine and three months’ imprisonment.

Leaflets are being distributed in the area to both warn troublemakers and reassure local residents that the issues are being addressed.