THREE men from Newport will be donning wigs and dresses to star in their own comedy drama.

Jason Russell, 41, of Durham Road, St Julians and Lyndon Derrick, 32, of Ringland have written their first ever comedy drama which will be performed by themselves in theatres across Gwent this Autumn. The play called Cwmploddy (corr) centres around a fictional village in the South Wales valleys where Doris Jones lives with her daughter Bonnie Jones.

The laughter ensues as Bonnie Jones wants to emulate her idol Jay Z and become the next being thing in hip hop changing her name to Bonifa Lauguifa Shaniqua Jonez. (corr)

Mr Russell, a shop manager, said: "This is the first drama I've ever written. All the characters are loosely based on our family members and people we've met.

"I play Doris the mother whose 64, I think there's a gap in the market for a show set in Wales with three male characters as women. It's of a similar style to Mrs Brown's Boys mixed with Hyacinth Bucket."

The cast of six which includes Lyndon Derrick as Beryl Hill, the next door neighbour and Lee Slocombe (corr)34, as Bonnie Jones have started rehearsals for the first show at the Congress Theatre in October.

Mr Russell added: "We've ordered in the wigs custom made from China, we wanted the play to be really original and unique. We are looking forward to making people laugh and hopefully if all goes well we will start part two to the play."

The cast are looking for sponsors for the show to get in touch contact