A LEGAL case where a woman won damages after claiming she was wrongfully arrested cost Gwent Police more than £9,000.

Kristy Robinson was awarded £2,350 back in February after taking civil action claiming she'd been arrested without due cause after calling police to a domestic incident at her house four years ago.

A Freedom of Information request, published in the force’s online disclosure log, has now revealed that Gwent Police spent £7,262.50 in legal fees defending the civil claim.

Altogether the case would have cost the force £9,612.50.

Gwent Police said earlier this year that it was disappointed with the decision by Judge Patrick Curran QC at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, and that the arresting officer had acted in good faith.

Miss Robinson had said that two officers attended her home in the Newport area of Pill on April 12, 2010, finding her with a bleeding face and her hair smelling of alcohol.

The claimant said that this was consistent with her account to police that a man had struck her and tipped wine over her.

The man claimed he’d been the one assaulted.

Following a civil trial Judge Patrick Curran QC found in favour of Miss Robinson, and on February 14 Gwent Police were ordered to pay out £2,350 in damages.

Ms Robinson previously said: “It’s only now since the judgment that I can say that’s a bit of closure for me. It wasn’t about the money.”

A Gwent police spokeswoman said: “The force received legal advice which indicated there were good prospects of defending the case. The force was disappointed by the result but recognised the court judgement.

“The arresting officer acted in good faith and in accordance with what she considered right and proper in all the circumstances.

"The officers needed to act in a challenging situation where those present had consumed alcohol, were making counter allegations of assault and where no independent witnesses were present.

“The payment is funded from specific provisions set aside to cover claims submitted against the force”