Q: My poor mum spends a fortune on snail products but still has snails - she picks them off by hand and disposes of them but there's always more. Any suggestions?

CH via Facebook

A: Crushed egg shells are used to stop slugs. Sharp grit can deter them. An friend spreads his spent ground coffee around his plants. Slugs and snails love to eat some plants like french marigolds so avoid planting these.

Q: What's the best mulch for keeping weeds at bay?

BG, Newport

A: A thick layer of well rotted manure will stop weed seeds from germinating and smother a lot of perennial weeds and you will improve moisture retention and soil condition.

Q: What should I look for to make sure I'm buying healthy bedding plants this spring?

CD, Cwmbran

A: Avoid anything that looks leggy or tired, supermarkets sell off trolleys full due to lack of space and they quickly deteriorate. Take a plant out of its pot the roots should be white without being pot bound. Look at the base of the plant for yellow leaves. Pot plants should not be packed closely together.

Q: Which varities of broad beans will give me the best crops?

DD, Chepstow

A: Broad beans are easy to grow and they should all crop well. Plant them at least eight inches apart for a good crop.

Tips for the week:

Straw between your strawberry rows to keep the fruit clean

Feed boarder plants with a slow release feed.

Keep an eye out for green fly and other bugs

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